Im curious. If you use salt, how much do you typically consume in a day? Im trying to get to eight pills a day (though ADHD makes it hard). It brings my HR and BP down to decent rates but I seem to have horrible hypovolemia so sometimes I wonder if I need to increase during activities.

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  • Persephone9


    I see Mayo Neurology for my POTS and they recommend up to 4000 mg of salt a day for ppl with POTS (which is about double the recommended amount for ppl without)! I personally take 500 mg as a pill in the morning and try to salt my food / drink zero sugar Gatorade throughout the day. I’m not sure exactly how much salt that adds up to but it has helped some.

  • Jadie


    @persephone9 thank you for giving me those numbers! Im at about 2,400mg in pill form a day if I take them all. There is definitely room to extend that to test improvements. I need a lot. Its so helpful. 👍

  • Persephone9


    Of course, happy to help! My docs say the salt gets absorbed better in your GI tract if you take it with food/drink so the more you can get that way rather than in pill form, the better. We got this!

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