Hey, I just really need to vent right now because I have no one else who wants to help me at the moment. No one has to respond, I just kind of want to let it out. I’ve been feeling extremely lonely recently; my main friend group is having a sleepover without me again. They all get to hang out and talk to each other but I couldn’t have gone anyway since I’m a transgender woman and my parents wouldn’t let me go since they think I’ll do sexual things to them. It hurts so much seeing them post on their stories and having fun with each other watching movies and playing games without me, it just feels as if they enjoy it more when I’m not around and I don’t know what to do at this point. My brain is in a very deep place, and now I wonder if any of them even like me anymore. I’ve just been dealing with so much recently that I don’t know when I’ll tip over the edge.
It just hurts a lot, and I wish I could just stop feeling like garbage. Should I talk to my friends about this, or am I just overthinking? I wish I could get professional help but that’s a different story.


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  • LKira


    “You’ve got a friend in me.”

  • KitKat723


    Us trans women stick together, i understand how all that feels. I had to deal with that a lot. I think they still like you, it's just people don't really think about how being left out feels in the moment i think. Feel free to message me, all trans women are family to me so you are very welcome to talk if you need a safe place

  • TransK1tty


    I definitely feel this. I'm 18 and I found out I was trans around 15. Living with transphobic and controlling parents has definitely affected my life. I'm 18 and honestly the only thing I can really looking forward to is moving out and being able to he kyself. If you ever need to talk to someone that you can relate to I'm here.

  • vlynz


    i’d love to help in any way i can! i understand, i’m cis however im queer and it’s so hard for my parents to accept that im still human. i’ve lost a lot of friends due to my parents controlling who and when i can hang out with, especially because of “sexual” stuff now that they know i don’t just like men. it’s exhausting! i know how you feel im in an almost similar situation

  • Staremu


    I’ve had the same problems with my friends and it’s a really terrible feeling. I would try your best to clue them in to how you feel and how they respond will help you figure out what to do with the situation. Much love <3

  • VoodooLive


    I've been feeling really lonely recently too, all the friends I had are out of touch and me and my family dont seem to be close. Also I get really upset when I see a couple I want someone to love but maybe I'm to young to think about all this

  • koitedda


    Trans man / GQ, feeling this in solidarity

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