New dialysis Been struggling with low hemoglobin all year receive Epogen and Iron. Open to any suggestions or tactics on how to raise it

Saccharated Iron Oxide

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

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  • DaniBear


    honestly the shots and the iron infusions are the thing that will help you the most with your hemoglobin. make sure you’re getting the shots regularly. i was getting the iron infusions once a month. mine only got up to about 10 on dialysis, so you definitely have to keep up with it!

    • ToeKnee



    • TimboRay


      is their anything else I can do like diet or supplement based on my end?Cause the iron sucrose they give is a non Heme iron a Type3 iron it’s just gonna make my Ferritin go up (Iron Storage) that just non used iron my body is keeping. I know that idle non absorbed iron can oxidize affect the brain,arteries the whole nervous system.

  • ToeKnee


    Like DaniBear said it's a cross between regular iron infusions, Epogen injections and plain ol time is your best bet. It'll take around 90 days to see any real by results as this is how long it takes to create hemoglobin.

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