Recently diagnosed celiac. I’ve cut all the gluten out of my diet but am now constantly exhausted. All my other digestion and skin issues have disappeared, Has anyone experienced exhaustion after going GF? Any suggestions?

Celiac Disease


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  • Glutenisthedevil


    I would check your bloodwork / vitamin levels. It’s it common to be deficient in some with celiac.

  • Rainberries


    I am and found out I'm calcium deficient

  • Parade


    Thank you! I’ll get them checked

  • Cosmo7808


    It also takes time to heal, something doctors never mentioned to me. About 3 months later I started to feel better

  • sharkattack101


    I absolutely have experienced exhaustion. I will say that it went away after a few months I was back to normal energy wise, but making it through that summer was hard

  • PAP112


    I highly recommend the app called “Fig” for scanning food labels! You wouldn’t believe how much gluten is hidden in food. It also helps check for cross contamination- which I didn’t realize was the main cause of my constant fatigue.

  • Khristina


    When I went on to download the fig app there are a few which one are you Recommending?

  • PAP112

    285d I’m not sure if this link will work but it has a green app logo that looks like a fig :)

  • Khristina


    Thank you for info

  • SiCoi


    I have extreme anemia and that definitely is linked to the celiac.

  • Glutenfreegal


    I’m always exhausted yes

  • Ry_C


    Might be because it’s sometimes harder to find foods to eat. That was my case.

  • skylerrosee


    With celiac i found that I was also anemic. It does take time to heal first, so give it time and if you don’t feel better get some blood work done and check for deficiencies

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