How does anyone manage to feel alive and not dead with CFS? This has me almost bedbound and not feeling well most of the time it's awful.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

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  • feellicks


    weirdly a change of scenery helps me a lot. just getting into the other room so that I can look out the windows or watch my bf play video games helps. opening the window to let the sun and fresh air in. stretching when I can. talking to my friends via video or voice chat.

  • MissAl


    Pacing has been such a hard thing for me to learn, but I feel it’s that essential step to managing my energy levels. I also really believe in the spoon theory concept. I use that to plan my days, I try and reserve energy prior to higher activity or events days so I can enjoy them and make it through. I accept that there are days I need to take care of my mind and body and the rest can wait. I also agree that fresh air and sunshine are so rejuvenating. It’s hard in my area in winter months though, but spring is almost here! I’m Looking forward to simple walks in nature and the outside air, even if I have to pop on my rain boots and clunk through mud. I also find that a little marijuana is a big opener for me, it allows me to be less fogged and more at peace and prioritize better. It also allows me to move my body when I’m in a pain cycle, so I can do those walks or stretches.

  • Penpalz


    Dobbycat some of us are too far gone to have that degree of control

  • Emoly


    Saaaame my dudes CFS rlly takes it out of me. My energy is so limited and I’m so exhausted. But I love blanketssssss I just live in piles of blankiessss

  • CaitiBee


    Yup, right there with Emoly. Blanket. Piles.

  • Emoly


    I also love candles they radiate cozinessss

  • Interloper


    Glycemic Index diet, regular exercise, Vitamin D, B12, C. Thyroid meds and hormonal therapy.

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