I’d love to chat with folks in this core of Alikes about what their lives look like! I am a late twenties librarian and musician finishing my second grad degree from home. I love nature, herbalism, gardening, and learning everything I can. I’d really love to connect with folks with similar experiences and share what works and such! I’m super friendly (if a bit anxious) so please feel free to reach out.

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Sunshine10


    Hi! I’m a 35 yo mom of twins. I went to college a bit later and graduated 5 years ago with a biology degree. I run a toxicology lab for a private practice. The last two years have been impossible to live normally. I used to be very social and now I barely make it to work most days. I get help from friends with my kids and thankfully my job has been pretty understanding so far. I miss doing things around my home like gardening the most and I’m constantly apologizing to friends for being absent.

  • Tristiana


    Hello! I'm an early twenties laundromat attendant and a great listener. I love to type stories, play games, and chat with people but I love to pet my dog most of all. I really hope to connect to others too and I don't mind sharing stories, though I should really work on my filter.

  • VerucaJupiter


    Hi! I’m late 30s (eww that’s the first time I’ve ever said or typed that!) teacher and mom of 2. Totally new to this app and excited to find a support system that knows the journey!

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