How do I manage my intense dysphoria?

Gender Dysphoria

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  • Rigbone


    When I have to shower, I usually do it in the dark, if I don't have a shower mat and I don't wanna fall I take a bath in the dark so I can't see myself

  • Emo_Enby_99


    Depends on which way you're going in transition. I'm ftm, so I manage by binding, voice training, and putting my body in "masculine" positions. (Wide stance for example). My gf is mtf, and she likes to wear bras, paint her nails, and play with her wigs to find cute styles. It's honestly dependent on what you need. But hoodies help. Shower in the dark if it helps and is possible. I'm scared of the dark haha. Good luck friend, hope you learn the best dysphoria management!

  • piney


    Im on that journey too. Im getting a binder from DCATS binder exchange. I like to hug a big plush over my chest when it feels too obvious. Ive also decided my tighter shirts are dead to me and have been wearing loose tees originally just for bedtime. I have been looking into the style of clothing i want and was able to order a few things.

  • PhoneticElk


    If your going for more masc you can try not shaving, try using shampoo "for men" you wouldn't think it'd be different but I tried the dove men shampoo and while I used it my shaved head hair actually staying more fluffy and wasn't as limp, like it strengthened, also if your not allergic to fragrance like me that could help too, getting masc body spray and soaps. I always find it refreshing to do a haircut or to dye my hair. You can also apply this to fem too like use more flowery fruity smelling things. For masc you can shave your face, even if you can't really see any hair. It feels great. The oversized clothes work but you can also try layering a bunch. Angles, if you have glasses get rectangular glasses, round shapes are associated with softness and thus femininity. So try to look for more straight cut clothes and accessories. Colorwise blue,pink,purple give fem vibes to me and green, orange, red give more masc vibes. But that's more up to individuals. Also fitting or baggy pants, don't wear leggings if presenting masc, I mean you can if you want but I've not seen anyone wear them, also they aren't comfy with boxer briefs NGL.

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