has anyone had multiple kinds of ED’s? i used to be restrictive like crazy but now i have BED.

Eating Disorder

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  • carolinaa


    yea for me it kind of cycles, like for a few weeks i’ll be really restrictive and then the next few weeks i don’t stop eating then repeat. i have more restrictive and purging habits that bed habits tho.

  • iamnotabear


    Same! Mine I've noticed can sometimes align with my bipolar cycles too. When I'm impulsive and manic I tend to restrict more because I'm more motivated and because it gives me a sense of control when I feel out of control. But when I'm depressed I binge, I eat whatever I can. I don't have as many depressive episodes as I do manic ones though and being on meds made me gain SO MUCH WEIGHT and no amount of restricting even began to slow it down. I actually came off my meds and am scared to get back on them because I don't want to gain weight again, but now I've been restricting more and more. It's been over a month and Ive started to purge what foods I do eat. What do we do to get better? Does getting better have to mean gaining weight?

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