Hey all, I had to take Ducolax laxative tablets this morning at 6am because I haven’t gone to the bathroom in a week. All day I’ve felt super nauseous and movement in my belly, but so far nothing it’s almost 6pm and I was curious how long it typically takes for you guys to see results? I’ve also had over 120oz of water today to help flush my system, but I’m still not seeing anything :(

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  • anemone


    if it's been all week you might need to see someone about it D:: i had one of those recently where it took 5 days and 3 laxatives to get me moving again. took 3 days from the first laxative to see movement. i also wasn't getting that much water cause i suck at drinking water lol. i do have another suggestion for you - have you tried abdominal massage? i learned some from my pelvic floor therapist and it works wonders to get guts moving. here's a pdf i found with similar info... https://www.wchc.nhs.uk/content/uploads/2019/12/Self-abdominal-massage.pdf the basics of what i was taught is to push decently hard with your hand (either with knuckles or fingertips) starting on your left side, working your way up, then across, then down the right side of your bowel. you're basically trying to imitate the natural movements. for me it produces a bm like. without fail. you can also position your body in ways that can help... google may be your friend there. hope you see some movement soon ::[

    • Kaislyn


      thank you so much!

  • bananaz


    So my intial reaction is see your doctor b/c dulcolax always works for me (maybe too much!) But maybe a more natural laxative like Senna (its plant and you can get it at CVS) might be gentler and work better with fewer side effects?? Idk for sure. But massaging my stomach along with laxatives is how i find relief so try some gentle abdominal massage to help get things moving!!

  • Nannybelle


    I take stool softeners and fiber. They usually work in 12 hours or so.

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