Does anyone else worry not only about health issues, but the fact you can’t tell anymore what’s important to get checked and what isn’t? I find myself second guessing every weird feeling I get, and simultaneously being incredibly anxious over them. How do you decide what to bring up to doctors?


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  • Jonny_Bravo


    I feel like that every time and also I feel like all weird feelings and when blood work comes back it’s all normal like I feel like I have everything in book and like I’m dien but I really ain’t

  • Jonny_Bravo


    I’m 34 years old and it’s crazy I have buddy’s of mine that they living there best life while me in other hand im like I feel like I’m down or dead

    • Donnysaur


      I feel this. I look around at other people and I feel like. Wow. They live such a different life with such a different perspective, not even aware of the fact they can reach such a horrible state of anxiety that it makes them feel like they’re dying every second. I hope you and I can move past this somehow. Good luck ❤️

  • Konki


    Something that really helped me was googling “health anxiety” instead of whatever symptom I have. I came across some really good free worksheets from the Government of Western Australia (of all places!) that have really helped me

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