What types of meals and or diet plans do any of you follow to help with MCAS?

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  • Designhero


    I eat pretty simply. Mostly meat and cook my food in tallow or lard. A couple years ago I added in beans to do the Karen Hurd Bean Protocol. And, that was actually helping a ton until recently. A lot of my focus lately has been on calming my limbic system which has been a huge struggle. I’ve felt like I’m flawed and can’t keep my body calm but I’ve recently learned that this can be due to hormones. So, I’m deep diving into hormone balancing protocols. Sorry, that’s more than you asked for but I feel like it’s all connected! What about you?

  • GrnMtnGurl


    I have been following a low histamine diet because of the MCAS which basically eliminates a lot of meat products unless they have been slaughtered and then immediately frozen. Which is hard to come by. Also legumes and beans are on the “no” list so I find it hard to get all the protein I need. I’m going through menopause and my cholesterol has recently spiked so now I’m trying to combine a low cholesterol diet with a low histamine diet and I’m finding it extremely difficult. As if having to deal with even one of these issues wasn’t bad enough I’ve got all three. 😒 It’s also been hard to deal with emotionally. My depressive side of my bipolar has been more severe since being diagnosed with the MCAS. And my significant other isn’t thrilled with the food limitations so often times he’ll be enjoying lasagna or pizza or some other food I can’t have while I’m stuck eating rabbit food. Grrrr It sucks to have to cook two meals and have to eat the less appealing of the two while he eats something I’d kill to eat at this point. I haven’t gone down any other food related rabbit holes; like eating to help the limbic system or other things. Mostly because I’m already overwhelmed with what I’m doing now. I hope you find good health and relief of your symptoms with your current diet! Sounds like you are working towards good goals

  • Designhero


    I hope you find a good butcher! I’m thankful every day for mine. Avoiding meat killed my thyroid so I can’t live without it now. Considering all you’re going through you might like the bean protocol. I know she has a version for menopause. I avoid the higher histamine beans. It’s the only thing that has helped my hormones (they went wacky again due to some huge life changes/stress). If you’re on Instagram, check out JessicaAshWellness and JessAldredge. The first is great for hormones and the second has a ton on histamine. ❤️ Jessica Ash talks a lot about how trying to follow these protocols can cause us so much stress and further damage. I just know when I don’t I’m in so much pain. It often feels like a lose/lose situation. Wishing you the best and a lot of healing.

    • awdumb


      I would love to connect with you on instagram!

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