what helps depression other than medication? :( antidepressants never worked for me, they always made me feel numb and like a zombie


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  • HearingMist


    Maybe a specific therapy like dbt?

    • ghoulina


      what’s dbt?

      • depressedunicorn


        my therapist does it with me! I would ask a therapist about it!

  • Emily1996


    Delta 8. They also have HXC. I use HXC when I have bad anxiety. Calms my heart rate.

  • Eddyy


    Exercise is a natural serotonin booster! Even the shortest jog can help with depression <3 I like joining exercising classes or going to the gym with a couple of friends for that motivation boost, and it helps with feeling less alone 💕

  • beetle777


    i'm on trintelx and it helps a lot, there's no, numb feeling, appetite changes, and best of all there's no decrease in desire or ability to orgasm. some people experience mood swings but i didn't have anything like that

  • Raven_Wine


    A dog or cat

  • PrincessA


    I am on medication and it’s been helping and got switched into DBT therapy and that’s been helping me deal with it too. I am severely depressed, severe anxiety and severe insomnia. You might wanna ask your therapist about it.

  • shadowmyth


    It can be hard. Medications make me feel much worse so I don’t use them. I also do not see a therapist as the counselors I can afford are inept at dealing with actual mental illness ( they’re more qualified to handle addicts). I smoke weed but that doesn’t work the same for everyone so I’m not recommending that if it has any adverse effects for you. Meditation is a good way to calm yourself, you can use YouTube videos to help guide you, I recommend transcendental meditation as it’s easiest for beginners in my experience, as you don’t need to worry about your mind wandering while doing it, because it will and that’s okay, transcendental meditation is about refocusing your attention to the present moment, maybe asking yourself “why am I thinking of that? Why am I feeling this way about that? What am I feeling?” etc. meditation is a pretty abstract concept so it can help to use crystals or mala beads to keep you focused and make it feel more like a physical thing. I recommend crystals a lot because they’re not expensive, they all have different things they heal, they’re pretty, and theyre something you have to take care of (cleansing them of your energy etc) and that can sort of be a little ritual into taking care of all the little parts of yourself you’re working on. There’s likely a holistic store near you that sells them and has descriptions of what they do. Meditation sparks mindfulness and in that you can become more self aware and aware of the world around you and find a little more beauty in it. This won’t cure your depression, but it can help you feel a little better as you get through. X

  • Lew_Bear


    Regular exercise. It’s really hard to get into at first but once it’s a habit, it helps so much

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