I’m about to meet with a surgeon for possible endometriosis diagnostic surgery. What questions should I ask them to make sure they’re a good fit?


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  • BirdNerd


    1. Whether they do excision or ablation 2. How much experience they have with endometriosis specifically 3. If hormone therapy (the pill/iud/etc) is part of their plan if you do have it 4. Where they plan to look for it (the answer should include your other organs and not just your pelvic ones) 5. What they will do if they find it. (Remove it at that time or have to schedule a different surgery) I hope this was helpful! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I had my surgery in January. 😊

  • Carolina


    Ask your surgeon about post-surgery results: how many had a full remission of endo symptoms and how many relapsed. You should also ask him about your risks, like infertility or pelvic diseases, what the recovery time is expected to be, and what to expect after the surgery. Good luck 🤞🏿

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