CBD or THC? Creams or gummies? Someone tell me what they use and how well it works.

Chronic Generalized pain

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • pinkmamoo


    I absolutely love CBD creams. a lot of them have menthol in them and they’re honestly great. i put them on a night and they help me sleep. i like CBD gummies but i use them for anxiety rather than my pain- they aren’t strong enough for me.

  • LeoBabcock


    CBD is going to help more with inflammation, and THC will help more with pain and numbing it. Indica is typically better for pain than Sativa. Creams help in direct spots (I put a THC infused icy hot on my knees specifically) and gummies will be overall body, and will most likely get you high depending on your tolerance

  • lunae


    I like the Wyld brand of gummies. I like the peach and pomegranate flavors best as they are a mix of cbd and thc. I also like Mary's Medicinals brand for topical qnd tincture.

  • Inoki999


    Gummies with cbd and a little thc , helps me sleep

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