Does anyone else who takes trazadone for sleep wake up 😱 nag from nightmares almost every night and also super cold sweat at night? Or get really thirsty and dry mouth?

Chronic Xerostomia


Excessive Sweating

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  • Nat_Nat


    I started taking another medicine for sleep and it gives me nightmares. I've always had them tho, and am just sleeping deep enough that they came back. As for dry mouth, taking pills can make you have dry mouth

  • Auksas


    Dry mouth and extreme thirst is definitely an issue I experience, but I get too warm at night and don't have many dreams I will remember.

  • sakah


    I've been having nightmares almost every night plus cold sweats that soak the bed too! I thought I was crazy or it was just a coincidence

  • MJ17


    This happens to me every night! I think if it’s happening to other people, it is probably connected to the trazadone

  • x.alex.xx


    Dry mouth for sure

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