Hello, Im wondering if there is any other treatments that might be helpful?

Chronic Generalized pain



Acetylsalicylic Acid

Gastric & Duodenal Ulcer-Peptic Ulcer

Diverticulitis of colon



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  • Lizardpeoplearereal


    Treatments for what, though?

  • Aremy


    Sorry I didn’t specify..I have several things actually..migraines..3 pinched nerves in my neck..chronic depression and stomach ulcers? Sorry dont mean to overwhelm you!

    • Mommabear74


      don’t worry about overwhelming, at least for me I’ve got over 20 conditions and 3 kids with several different issues as well! I do t get the migraines but my daughter does, immatrex is a good one she uses for them! I have to take a daily acid reducer Pepsid and Previcid for my GERD and keeping the ulcers and diverticulitis at bay by not eating anything with seeds grains or shells, and some days just dealing with a range of pain…

  • Lizardpeoplearereal


    for migraines I have found topiramate helpful in preventing them and maxalt for when they have already started. Also caffeine, Tylenol and aspirin in combo or Excedrin (same thing) can help a lot for migraines. Some people get Botox to treat migraines and it works great, though I personally found it made them much worse. Pinched nerves may be relieved with acupuncture, massage or even just stretching but it depends on the person and where the nerve is pinched whether any of these things work and some people end up needing surgery to fix it. For depression I have found fresh air and activity to be the most helpful for me, but everyone is different and there is nothing wrong with taking antidepressants. Stomach ulcers have to be treated with medication ultimately to heal them, but sometimes figuring out what is making them worse with an elimination diet may be helpful too. I hope that helps. I am not a doctor, I'm just always sick lol

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