Any success with at home solutions for an upset stomach from salt increase? I’m trying to eat regularly and keep fluids up, but I’ve been having a really sour stomach I haven’t fully calmed.

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  • LeeannD


    Hmm definitely consult your doctor and see how you feel. I'm going to share what I did, but again follow what's best for you. I cut back and took it slower. I found when I introduced slower I did better. Have you also added any new foods to increase salt? Maybe evaluate those as well and make sure it's just the salt and maybe not something new

    • Elnath


      thanks! I appreciate your insight; I’ll definitely follow up with my doctor about the salt. I think I increased a little too quickly yesterday and caused myself issues 😮‍💨 Still waiting for my cardiologist appointment so my primary has me increasing salt, fluids and wearing compression socks until then.

      • LeeannD


        those are all great things! Honestly I'm off all meds and do those three things and have a PT that's helped.

  • hime


    you might have tried this already, but salt stix from walmart have potassium which i’ve found hasn’t given me stomach issues

  • Ijinglewheniwalk


    I used to get really sick from my salt tablets until my pots specialist recommend salt stix, I had to order mine online I couldn’t find them in stores. They are a long acting salt so you don’t get all salt at once it slowly goes into your body!

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