how do you cope with very frequent mood swings?

Bipolar 2 disorder


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  • DemonDogg


    I honestly just stopped expressing my emotions and kept them inside. But idk if that's good advice

  • TechWrecha


    I don't have frequent but I use aroma therapy to change my mood, it's a game changer

  • SparkleFlyer


    I haven’t figured out a solution. I can track them and predict them, but nothing makes them better

  • Finnley


    I find that KNOWING your symptoms and what triggers them helps bc if you identify them you can better combat them. bc knowledge is half the battle

  • dadoen


    I dont really, my emotions are so intense and it affects how I think and my world views all the time. Its hard to know who I am anymore when it feels like my identities are now just mania and depression. I dont ever feel stable and its driving me nuts because my psychiatrist refuses to out me on mood stabilizers. I just want to know who I am again.

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