I’d just like to be able to talk to someone who also has an extremely high sex drive or even nymphos and find out more directly from one who lives with it. I’m very open minded and judgement free zone here. Honestly open to talk about anything else anyone would be comfortable with!

Excessive sexual drive

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  • GREENeggsANDdan


    I’m here for you

  • Benji1976


    Hi. I'm 46. Maybe i should have had sex in high school. I waited until I was 19. For love. Then, got cheated on. Over the years, I felt rejected in relationships, but it was just that she wasn't always "on" like I was.

  • Lucasbyster


    Here to chat♡ been struggling lately

  • Captain_Honey


    Hi. I struggle with my sex drive. I'm single and I usually just make a joke about it. It'd be nice to talk to someone about it in a more serious way.

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