Hey y’all! I am getting ready to invest in some extra support braces and whatnot and I was wondering what y’all would recommend? My worst pain areas are my back and legs, second would be neck and elbows. I’ve already put k-tape on the list :)

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Zebra_Warrior


    Heya! If it’s lower back/hip pain an SI belt has been a huge change for me. I can walk without feeling like my lower back and hips are falling apart. I’m personally still playing around with knee compressions and haven’t found a great one yet. I do have a leg warmer that has great compression/doesn’t dig into me however! But it’s not the best for warm weather 🤪

  • byrdy_


    Be careful with kt-tape. For those of us with skin involvement, it can cause allergic dermatitis and issues with taking skin off with it

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