Special interest

I don't hate my special interest, I love it, but in a way, I hate having it. It's stupid, it's embarrassing, it's ridiculous. I look absolutely insane. My OCs (my characters) are my special interest, I spend HOURS of my day answering HUNDREDS of questions about them on my insta story. Really, I'm really not exaggerating. The majority of my thoughts are about my OCs, and I ALWAYS want to talk about them. They're the only thing I'm truly interested in drawing. My entire life and the future I've imagined for myself and am trying to achieve ALL revolves around these stupid characters that only around 4 other people care about AT ALL.
You'll scroll through my story and see so many tiny little slides because there's SO MUCH, then you'll get to the hundreds of paragraphs and backstory bits I've neatly collected into entire highlights to keep forever.
I want to be someone else. I hate being me, I hate me. I am so fcking weird.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • mathlover98


    That's awesome, you're so creative!!!

    • _Robbie_


      Ty,, I do like the creativeness. I am proud of myself for my skills, but I hate how stupid it makes me look to other people,,

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