Went to the ER this weekend for 3 day long pelvic pain.
After CT and ultrasound, I was diagnosed with a 3.8cm ovarian cyst.
Due to the “large” size, the ER doctor said I would need weekly ultrasounds moving forward to measure it for any growth.
3 days later, the pain is very minimal (thank goodness), but the bloating is still present.
Long story short, I went to schedule the ultrasound for this week, and places won’t take me because I’m not a current patient. I just moved to the area and do not yet have an OBGYN. So of course I scheduled the earliest available appointment with an OBGYN which isn’t until August (2 months away).
I called my ER doctor to tell her this, and she told me since I wasn’t having worsening pain, I don’t need to be re-ultrasounded. That the new OBGYN would just re-ultrasound me at my new patient appointment in 2 months.
Is this okay to wait 2 months?!? I feel like I went from being told I would need it to be weekly monitored to now two months is fine…

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  • DuskySquire


    I had a 4.5 cm cyst and they said to schedule within 6 weeks, since I was a new patient I had to wait 3 months. I went back to the ER with a really sharp pain but I guess I was okay. So unless you feel unbearable pain for longer than 20 minutes or so, you're good.

    • JessicaLee128


      Okay, thanks!! How is yours now? Did it go away?

      • DuskySquire


        I wont know until the 1st unfortunately

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