Can someone share their exercise protocol? I had gotten to the place where I walked long distances almost every day, then fibromyalgia hit. I’m having a hard time incorporating any exercise and I know it is important to my long-term health and strength. My legs go wobbly when I walk more than 15 minutes or so. HELP!

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • RobinLisa


    I take an Aleve before walking

  • Lunas_Mom


    Some restorative yoga stretching and walking around to grocery shop is about all I can manage, myself. Every time I try to do much more, I pay dearly for. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I went out for a 9 hour day to attend a memorial service & reception for my aunt and was incapacitated for a week. 😩😣

    • QuestionQueen


      I’m so sorry. That’s a rough price to pay.

  • _Aja_


    This was recommended to me by my cardiologist for POTS so this may not work for you but it doesn’t anger my FM, but exercise laying/sitting down. I was recommended to use a rowing machine and given resistance bands by the PT (some I set up like a rowing machine/sit up contraption). One thing I’ve found great is laying on the floor and pulling the band down with my foot (kind of like a walking motion) so it doesn’t “neglect” my leg muscles but I can’t fall over.

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