No friends at all, actually none, it gets hard. I’ve been told it gets better, nothing seems to ever change. My anxiety stops me from talking to anyone if I ever leave my apartment. Any advise to find friends of any sort? It’s been years



Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • keropel


    I know how it feels man. Though I have some friends, they don't really act like good friends 😅 so most of my time is spent alone. Have you tried meeting friends through the meetup app, or bumble also has a friend making section. There is also of course other apps and methods but what have you tried already? Depending what interests you have, you could also find friends through your hobbies

    • FlorianZ


      Haven’t tried any apps, used to have friends through my hobbies they’ve all stopped talking to me long ago.

  • Dad.of.Many


    I feel you on this. Every in-person friend I've ever had left. Best friends from days past all left me behind. I have social media friends but mostly those I never see in person. Even my sons who grew up my buddies don't seem to have time for me anymore. I am borderline agoraphobic now and rarely leave my house or truck because why bother. It is a rough and lonely existence. If it wasn't for my wife, my 3 mentally challenged "forever kids" and my pets, I'd probably wink out of existence.

  • Dino999


    I'm a gamer I get really bad anxiety when having to leave house or attend things I am never notified about until last minute I'd love to be friends I have ADHD I'm quiet but can have plenty of conversation I'm 29 I'd love to be friends

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