Most mental health professionals have told me “you have had a super traumatic childhood and teen years” but honestly it’s just my life I do see the trauma like most my friends drop there jaw when I tell them stuff but I don’t see it as the worse thing in the world everyone has trauma in one way or another. Right?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Arx


    I’m completely oblivious to my own trauma, I tell people about it and they seemed shocked but I feel like some have had it worse or I don’t see it for how bad it really is, as part of my BPD my memories have been altered and I can’t remember them entirely and some of them feel like they they aren’t mine. Yes some people have actual trauma and some people just have bad things happen to them they don’t like

  • StreetRat2.0


    Yea it pisses me off sometimes when I’m telling a story and I can’t tell it correctly or my Brain has altered the memory of what didn’t happen. Like I don’t lie but I just forget or I try to keep talking so I don’t seem stupid if I stopped talking.

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