I’d like to get off of Adderall and onto something more sustainable and not as addictive, any suggestions?



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  • bimbo


    I dont find adderall addictive

  • Squishh


    Im on welbutrin, which treats depression as well!

  • SamTrask


    Wellbutrin helped my depression some but not really my ADHD. Maybe lower dose or something like vyvanse. Wellbutrin/Strattera plus something like Guanfacine may help. Adderall is what’s helped me the most though, but I’ve also been trying my best to be good about off days and non-medication strategies (which can only help so much).

  • SundaySmall


    Another vote for Wellbutrin. Unfortunately is doesn’t work as well or frantically as adderall, is more subtle, and I’d say it only treats some of my symptoms. I still think it’s great overall. Just not instant-acting.

  • Jason2


    Ability helps me

  • mikl_pls


    Desipramine, nortriptyline, protriptyline can help (probably a lot better than Strattera). They can help with depression as well as ADHD. Imipramine is sometimes used too. There's a "new" one out (just a repurposed antidepressant), Qelbree. It's only indicated for pediatric patients but I'm sure it can be prescribed off label for adults. Provigil and Nuvigil can work okay if you can get it covered. Wellbutrin is okay. Intuniv can help. I second lowering your dose or trying a different stimulant. Maybe switch to a methylphenidate-based stimulant like Ritalin, Concerta, Metadata CD, Adhansia XR, there's even a skin patch form called Daytrana. They're coming out with a dextroamphetamine patch called Xelstrym that should be available later this year or maybe even next year. Focalin, Focalin XR, Azstarys are all other possibilities. Amantadine is a rarely used off-label medicine for ADHD. Sometimes they will even use the selective MAO-B inhibitor, selegiline (Eldepryl), or the transdermal skin patch form, Emsam, for ADHD. Sometimes even using the nonselective MAOIs, Parnate, Nardil, and Marplan can be effective for ADHD and severe depression. BuSpar had been tried off label with some benefit. Abilify, Rexulti, and Vraylar are all possibilities (but preferable to stay away from antipsychotics because of their metabolic side effects).

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