anyone have any tips for eating? everything i eat hurts my stomach and gives me crazy gas (i burp soooo much) and even smoking weed has stopped helping me.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • Rita


    Eat slowly and find your safe foods. I had to temporarily cut out a lot of things for a week or so and each day figure out what I could eat safely

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Drinking water with every meal can help digestion. Finding any trigger foods and eliminating them is super helpful. Eating slowly and mindfulness eating can help.

  • Lyric


    Gas-X can help with bloating, gas, etc. Drink plenty of water! And try to eat slowly. Maybe keep a log of what you eat and how it affects your stomach. Some foods may be safe on any given day and sometimes they might not be. You’ve got this! ❤️

  • Sleepysleeps


    Dairy, gluten, sugar, and beans/broccoli are my biggest triggers. Drinking lots of water, moving around after meals, (hard to do with fatigue) activated charcoal for gas, gluten and dairy enzymes when I wanna eat those trigger foods, avoiding carbonated drinks, etc. It’s difficult to do all that but it can help!

  • Chacharae


    Increase digestive enzymes and read up on stomach acid ph and what effects it. Avoids foods that cause gas or inflammation.

  • Andi71


    Beano before I eat… and I’ve been doing a concoction of tea first thing in the morning. Fennel, ginger, peppermint parsley and basil

  • whatsername


    i would suggest looking up the FODMAP diet, its not really a diet it just shows which foods are more triggering than others, i hope this helps ❤️

  • majora


    i have tried the fodmap diet! i tried it 3 years ago though, i think i might have to try it again because my old safe food (ricecakes) are now irritating my stomach

  • MJ4E


    I buy Tummy Drops on Amazon (specifically the peppermint ones) and they have literally saved my life! If I eat something and my stomach starts to hurt after, I pop one of the drops in my mouth and within minutes I start to feel better!

  • CirceAtaraxia


    IBGard has quite literally saved my life. it’s kind of expensive but nothing has ever worked better.

  • depresso


    What digestive enzymes are availabe that help?

  • mustang


    Low fod map is a diet. It's an eliminating diet not long term. Just 6 weeks to figure out what you can tolerate and not and you slowly reintroduce the foods you didn't have on the list. It didn't work for me. But it might work for you if it's food related. Mine is stomach trouble from a freak accident surgery. It's not food related but always hurts after I eat. Sometimes I'll eat pasta and be fine and other times I won't be fine. Or pizza. I do no fast food and no dairy only the low fod map dairy on the list. I haven't brought back any dairy that wasn't on the list. So I dunno. But I am off all stomach meds so I just lean towards what I know. It's Hard and it's limited and it's frustrating. Best wishes. You got this. It's chronic and it's a thing. So just be kind to yourself.

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