I have been suffering from proximal AF for many year and had two ablations. Over the year many different medication have been tried but beta blockers send me bradycardia.
After all these year I came across an old forum which talked about Vagal AF and the description was me to a tee.
Is there anyone aware of this condition or have any information on control.

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  • JimCar


    Yes I have had AF of the bag Al variety for nearly 20 yrs. When I was 63 I decided I should get an ablation since my AF was getting much worse. I went to a cardiology/ Electrophysiologist and we discussed RF ablation for my afib but he told me I was too young and too healthy to have a RF ablation since nobody including himself really knew if RF was more invasive than first thought. He told me he had a different technique, cryoablation, but since many cardiologists that were using cryptic were doing more damage than good so the FDA removed the procedure and the equipment. He told me that in 3 yrs the procedure would be available once again with different equipment and different qualifications for the surgeon. In 3 yrs I visited him again and he did the cryo and it did not stop my AF but it made it so much better. Then 3 yrs after the first cryo he said he had developed another procedure that he thought would further help my AF. I had the second cryo along with a small amount of RF which is by the way much better controlled. My Azf has been almost unnoticeable and that was about 8 yrs ago. I go into AF but can barely tell I am in AF. I am building a new log home and am doing all the work myself except for the preliminary stacking of the logs and roof. My doctor is considered one of the best in the country and periodically teaches at Mayo and Cleveland clinic. AF is something that brings a tremendous amount of fear to the patient and family and my doctor has alleviated this from our family. I am 76 yrs old and take dofetilide 250 micrograms twice a day. Hope this helps in some way.

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