Hey! I’m new here, and I just wanted to try out this app so that I can meet other people that have a chronic illness, specifically rheumatoid arthritis. I’m looking to chat with people about their experiences with RA and to hopefully give and receive tips to manage it. :)

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • nanie


    Hello i also have RA

  • Samsambinks


    Hey! I also have RA

  • Parkchick


    Going to rheumatologist in a month. They suspect RA because of high sed rate. Every single one of my joints hurt. I don’t ever complain. I thought it was because I’m getting older. I did complain about my thumbs because I can barely do anything they hurt so bad. How is your first rheumatologist appointment?

  • Maria_Braco


    Here I am!!! I’ve recently had to relocate from California, where medical is free!! I moved here to Tennessee and BAM 🔥☄️☄️🔥 no insurance at all!!!

  • Misotherat


    Hi! I have RA too

  • Wisteria


    I've been dealing with RA for about 7 years now.

  • Lilbluerose22


    RA for almost 18 yes. 😥

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