I was wondering if there are any other treatments for constipation other than miralax? i need something i can take daily, but miralax is so gross and I usually end up throwing it up anyway. my doc said i need to take it for the rest of my life, and i honestly don’t think i can. it doesn’t even work, and i’ve tried so many different dosages. any tips?


Chronic Constipation

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  • Jonny78


    Manual evacuation

  • Stevie9


    Dulcolax works much better for my constipation than miralax and I struggle to choke down miralax as well. I'd suggest trying that.

  • thepatientRN


    For Miralax, I would recommend mixing it in your desired liquid (I usually do Gatorade) 2 hours prior to drinking it. After you add the powder shake it up really, really well, put it in the fridge. I feel like letting it sit for about 2 hours and having it cold helps a ton with not noticing it is in the liquid! I have also mixed it in my coffee in the AM as well. It helps the powder dissolve too.

  • Lexiealea


    Citrucel is also an osmotic and is orange flavored and imo tastes better.

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