I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2018. This past year I went to a women’s doctor asking if there was anything I could take to help the symptoms. She didnt put me on anything and i told me I needed to change my life style. I guess I’m wondering is there a medication for PCOS and what are things I need to change to help it?

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  • TheDivabetic


    Birth control is usually the first thing that OBGYNs will prescribe for PCOS according to other women that I’ve spoken to. That was the initial treatment that my doctor recommended for me as well

  • mik


    I started birth control and was told eating low glycemic foods will help with weight gain

  • lolimawk


    I have an IUD and my symptoms havent gotten any better

  • Hello


    I’ve heard that a supplement called Ovasitol helps with a lot of women, as well as going dairy/gluten free. @pcos.weightloss on instagram has some info.

  • Crazyc1979


    I was originally started on birth control and Metformin. Metformin has been known to do wonders for many people...but for me it was constant tummy troubles and I always felt nauseated. I had sooo many cysts on my right ovary I had to make the decision to remove the whole ovary as you couldn't couldn't see my ovary any more😥 The lifestyle changed that worked wonders for me was Trim Healthy Mama. I'm not trying to promote or anything like that-it just worked great for me. Also, following a diabetic diet and/or gluten free diet helps as well..

  • Lolita


    I’m on birth control ever since I was diagnosed with endo (except for the time when I got pregnant), and I also take painkillers for my period pain. I was told that losing weight will help me conceive

  • Acrobat99


    I went on the progesterone birth control pill after being diagnosed in January and my symptoms have significantly improved, but adjusting to the birth control was a little hard at first but once My body was adjusted I felt so much better.

  • ghoulie


    I think it partially depends on what is causing your PCOS. Like for me, I have Insulin Resistance so I was recently put on Metformin.

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