i metabolize medications really quickly, so i have not found medication that really help. what could you recommend?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Tomato


    How do you know that you’re metabolising drugs quickly? Different drugs have different half life time. Maybe you should ask for a med that lasts longer…

  • Bugaboo


    I'm not much help, just want to say that I have always metabolized medications at least twice as fast as they're supposed to last. Ironically, I react badly to extended release/ long acting meds, so....I don't know Haha

  • inthecloset23


    i know that it’s a metabolism thing based on how many meds i have been on/how many different types of meds i’ve been on. also the same thing happens for other medications i am on where i get used to the way, way too quickly. it’s even been agreed upon by my doctor, i was just curious if anyone here had had a similar experience

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