i had a conversation with my “boyfriend” today. apparently him calling me his girlfriend for months doesn’t actually mean that i’m his girlfriend. i’m so attached so i said it was fine for us to just be causal, but my heart is breaking. i hurt so bad and he’s acting like everything is normal. it feels like this is the first step to him leaving me. i feel so stupid and i’m in so much emotional pain right now and he’s literally sitting on the other side of the couch just fine. him being so normal honestly hurts so much because nothing has changed for him but for me i’ve been demoted from girlfriend to girl he hangs out with sometimes.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • MochiBeans


    I’m sorry this is happening to you. What I find helpful in my past trauma with relationships and working on new ones is to remind myself that while I do have emotions, they can be extreme at times and I have to focus in on what I’m actually feeling. we aren’t typical with this condition. And that’s okay. My personal advice, remind yourself that you deserve what everyone else does, and that is to be happy and comfortable. Express your feelings to him, or give yourself some time to think if this is the person you’d like to give your time to. I’m currently doing something similar with the guy I’m seeing. If you ever wanna talk I’m here. 💕

  • JayRose


    Damn…. I’ve been there It hurts a lot and you don’t want them to leave, but you don’t want to be in that situation. Maybe it’s just me being toxic, but I’ll figure out something I hate about them and think about it a lot until I don’t like them anymore. I then say how I feel and when it’s good, we try building from there, if it’s bad, fuck it I’ve convinced myself I don’t like him so his opinion doesn’t matter

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