Does anyone with Eds have issues with low potassium? Mine has been incredibly low

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  • Cory1988


    No, although I have heard this. I have many problems, but low potassium isn't one. Have you spoken to your doctor about this? I know there are pills and vitamins... But I personally would rather just change the things I eat instead; it's easier for me.



    An old close friend who basically lived on the eds Discord server told me did somebody mentioned that once and pretty much everyone else chimed in and agreed. Also, the broken MTHFR gene is apparently a unanimous agreement for everyone who's taken the GeneSight™ test and knew for certain. Interesting...

  • briannamal


    I do! I have hEDS, and I often have low potassium. If you happen to be on h1 blockers like Levocetirizine (like I used to be for MCAS) that can cause hypokalemia. I also tend to test for low potassium when I’m in the ER due to cortisol spikes - whenever it spikes it will lower your potassium (even when I have had 350mg earlier that day!)



    told me that* 🙄 We still don't have an edit button but at least we can directly correct ourselves now 😅 P.S: my GeneSight came back and I too have the homozygous MTHFR T/T allele... (Aka cannot convert folic acid to folate.)



      Aaaaand the function failed haha sorry for the useless posts

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