Yo, I’m Genderfluid ftm, and desperately want to bind, especially with summer coming, which means less layers of clothing. What would you all suggest? I’m not allowed to get a binder, and don’t have access to transportation nor access to my own money. I want to be able to bind safely this summer, but I feel like if it comes down to it I might use gauze wrap or something. Suggestions?

Gender Dysphoria

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  • teiovex


    sports bras 100%. get a size down if needed but no smaller than that !!! ❤️

  • PeterZ


    I had a pretty small chest so this definitely won’t work for everyone but I used to layer 2 of those not-quite sports bras (idk it was just a different material) and put an undershirt over top to smooth it out and then whatever shirt/etc over that I did this while in Disney World in August and was fine

  • Sox


    Someone with bigger chest here - sports bras were my first binders. Looking for Nike brand at the thrift store worked well, or any brand that has that less-porus stretchy material. Be careful with double-layering. I've gotten stuck many times. Also highly recommend button ups with heavier material! Corduroy and flannel are great. Not super summer friendly, but having that on while inside is a great confidence booster!

    • Thixo



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