Helloo friends! I've had some med changes and I wondering if anyone has experience with them.
Prozac/Fluoxetine: switching from capsules to tablets in hopes of reducing acid reflux. Anyone try the tabs vs. capsules?
Risperdal/Risperidone: anyone have difficulty reducing by 1mg? I'm not super sensitive but curious if the small change will cause withdrawal? Also.. Has anyone split the 2mg tabs? My psych said I could but the internet is split.
Thanks in advance!

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  • Caeda


    Wow I’ve never known anyone else who has had the acid reflux issue with the capsules like me! The tablets are so much better and the issue has resolved for me. The capsules were so harsh my tonsils would swell, I would continuously salivate to the point of needing a cup to get it out of my mouth constantly, plus the headaches it gave me when I’d have a reaction like that were agonizing. I hope the tablets work better for you like they do for me. Some insurances will put up a stink because the capsules are cheaper for them. For the first year I switched to tablets it was a battle with the pharmacy, saying my insurance only covered capsules. I had to repeatedly tell them and my doctors that I am allergic to the the capsules. They had to make a prior authorization request with my insurance, but they do in fact cover it, the pharmacy and some doctors just didn’t want to do the work to get the PA. Best of luck!

    • E_belli


      so glad I'm not alone! The capsules are killer! I don't have as severe as a reaction as you do (thank goodness), the acid reflux is just so intense and once it starts, it's there for a long time. I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible reaction! I'm so glad to hear the tabs do you better, it gives me some hope lol. Today I start the tabs and am hoping for the best! The only downside for me is that they don't have 40mg so I have to take 4 of the 20mg but they are small so it's not really a complaint, there are worse things (like the acid reflux🤓). So far, I haven’t had an issue with the insurance. It's the same price for me at this moment as the capsules so I'm hoping it will not be an issue 🤞. It's super stupid that they are generally more expensive, it's the same damn med! Hooray for Prozac though, works best of anything I've tried!

    • E_belli


      I know you're dying to know lol but it helped SO MUCH switching to the tablets! No acid reflux so far, granted its only been 3 days 🥳 but thank you for sharing your experience. It was really great to know I wasn't the only one having those effects! Bc everything on Google is inconsistent and unhelpful. Thanks!

  • Strawberry_Princess


    Maybe changing the acid reflux meds? My regular doctor prescribed Pantoprozale for inflammation and Sucralfate for no reflux

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