okay does anyone else have a favorite person? like a person you cling to and can’t stop thinking about? my “favorite person” doesn’t talk to me anymore, i fear maybe i was too clingy? my point is how do i break this “favorite person” cycle, because when i get over one i go onto the next and it really affects me.

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  • royalty


    Yes! This is actually a cluster b personality disorder thing. I have BPD and am looking to try and get evaluated for another (which I won't name because of the stigma that surrounds it). Maybe try looking into Borderline Personality Disorder and the therapy options that they offer for the disorder. My FP is my boyfriend and I've been struggling with him needing to find a job and me not being able to be around him as much anymore. I know it's not the same and I can't do much to help but just know that you aren't too clingy and it's something that will be able to be controlled with time and effort. Try looking through BPD hashtags to find tips and things on how to cope with this, best wishes and I hope you find some answers 💕

  • sprite


    as royalty said, this is super common in bpd. but, it could also be a codependency thing caused by anxiety. i would recommend bringing this symptom up with a professional to look into it deeper. as someone who has both bpd and anxiety as well as adhd, i most definitely have this problem. my favorite person is my wife, who i’m now separated from, and watching her be with other people has been the hardest thing i’ve ever done. so even though she’s still in my life i understand what you’re going through. unfortunately i don’t really know how to move past it.

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    My favourite person is my boyfriend and this tendency started when I was abused as a kid to be codependent on my abuser. Which has lead to anxiety, panic attacks, and fear of abandonment. Thankfully my boyfriend understands this and is supportive of me and my therapy work. I highly recommend therapy for moving past it but I don’t think having a favourite person is inherently bad, just when your happiness and security comes only or mostly from them. I’m sorry about your struggling

  • LilahAzalea


    It can also be a sign of having a special interest that is a person and not a subject.

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