hi friends! I’ve had some mild vertigo for the first time for going on 2 days straight now. It’s not too bad but it has kept me in bed all day. Not sure if it’s fibro related or not. Anyone have any experience with vertigo? What did you do to get it to go away

Fibromyalgia (FM)


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  • magalito


    my mom had fibro and she got vertigo a lot. i’m not sure how she made it go away but best of luck 💕

  • Zebrabri


    Meclizine (in 1 type of Dramamine) helped me at times. You may need a MRI of your brain and neck to rule anything out

  • Ginger


    Mine is Fibro related but you should always have it checked out to be sure. Another condition on top of the Fibro is not good. Hopefully it is something simple that can be rectified. 👍

  • chronicallykayla


    I have vertigo as well. Not sure if it’s fibro related but it seems to come and go…I would ask your doctor about it

  • jesskath


    Ugh sameeeee, i have found my balance is so off. Doc said it’s fibro related after getting a CT. Drink lots of water, Dramamine can help too!

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