Hi, I haven’t started ketamine yet but have been referred by my doctor. I have chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. I was referred to do infusions but it’s very expensive and not covered by insurance. Have you tried the at home ketamine, the oral disintegrating tablets? What was your experience, positive or negative?


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    Hello I am currently using my ketamine home. Online doctors. You get the disintegrating oral tablets and use them like a sublingual. I am on 600 mg. It cost $3000 but they put you on a payment plan for $260 a month for 12 months. It is for 18 treatments. I also did infusions and they don't really compare to the tablets but I can tell you it really helped me. I am going to continue treatments. But I'm pretty sure it's going to cost me another $3000 I am not sure. I have an appointment on Monday so I will find out.

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    I spent $8000 on a few infusion sessions they were great but unaffordable

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