Does anyone know how to encourage loved ones to draw emotional boundaries during recovery? The lowest point of AN sent my best friend and I’d friendship on the rocks—it was emotionally exhausting for her, and I love her so much that I want her to have boundaries. How do we start healing that relationship, and do you have any ideas as to how I can best help her draw boundaries?

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  • jolyne


    that's a really good question! firstly, i want to say that communication is very important & i am so glad to see you recognize that! :D i would try to open a dialogue with her about the situation. ask how she feels, & listen to her without interruption & remain open-minded to her feelings. showing active listening & empathy is very important. recognizing that illnesses not only impact the individual, but impact those around them as well is very important in discussion. ask her about the boundaries she needs set, & then you can ask for your own boundaries as well. this conversation with your friend can open you both to a new, healthy relationship. :)

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