Hello all! I struggle with loneliness and that exacerbates my depression. My medication is pretty good and I go to therapy. I guess I’m interested in hearing about how others deal with being alone. I have lived by myself for years but it never gets any easier.


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  • NinaFoxy


    It's been 4 yeas that I deal with extreme loneliness, since I moved to US, I have no friends or family here, just my husband and his family (which is not the same as having my family with me). I don't drive, and I work from home, so I stay isolated in my bedroom. I don't deal well with the loneliness, sometimes I feel like life isn't real, and all of this is a dream that I'm trying to wake up from, it's a weird feeling. I take Zoloft but it seems it's not helping anymore, and I never went to therapy, I really need to try that but I feel "lazy" to talk about my problems with the therapist idk, like face-to-face. I really don't know what to do about it, I forgot how to make friends, I'm not an interesting person anymore and it's so hard to express myself in English, people make jokes and I don't get it, so I often stay out of any conversations.

    • 5kitties


      Sorry to hear about your situation. Working from home is very isolating. I’ve been trying to go places for breakfast on the weekend in hopes that I can sit at a counter next to someone and talk to them, and I try to say something to someone when I am out and about. It’s hard to approach people without a reason. I do therapy by video call now, maybe that would help you.

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