I have been really struggling with weight gain since my diagnosis of fibro. I’m often too tired, I’m too much pain or have something else going on like dizziness/nausea that is preventing me from working out. The nausea has made it incredibly hard to eat healthy too because I can only stomach bland carbs. I feel like the more unhealthy I get the worse my fibro is and it’s just a terrible cycle I cannot break. Does anyone have any advice? I need accountability / support.

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  • MommaBear6


    I was really struggling with mine too but I also have thyroid issues. The ONLY way I was able to start losing was getting my meds adjusted and finding out I have a lot of food sensitives and allergies. I hope you get some relief soon!

  • Belugabear


    Meds caused mine! I am trying a low histamine and mold diet that i hope helps. I’m also going to visit a gym today to learn more about them because I think swim classes that are gentle might be a good form of exercise! Might be worth a try if you struggle with movement! Lots of guns have arthritis classes which I think would be good for fibro!

  • Jyoti


    The same happened to me I felt overwhelmed with weight gain and felt too tired to work out, but when I improved my diet that helped the pain and oftentimes even just a little exercise can make me feel better. Find your balance. It could be just walking a little bit each morning, or it could be more involved. Find what works for you and then build on it. When I first started biking I couldn’t make it to the end of the street without feeling exhausted, but in only a few months I was biking for miles and feeling great. I really tried to limit my sugar intake and that helped me lose weight and I found my pain was oftentimes less after that. It’s hard to get started, but how I best explain it is.. with fibromyalgia too intense exercise can knock you out and put you in bed for days and no exercise can do the same. So you have to find your right balance and build on it, no matter how small the start is.

  • SadMom95


    My first question is are you on birth control? My birth control messed my body up so badly. Once I got off of it, I started losing weight, my moods have been steadier, and my depression became more mild. I've lost 40 lbs since the end of 2021 just from getting off of birth control and setting goals for myself. I've lived with pain for so long I've had to learn how to push through to allow myself to feel a little better. And I do. It's not ideal pain, but I find a routine works best for me. I set small goals that are easy to accomplish. In doing that, you release all those happy chemicals in your brain which are actually natural pain killers 🤗 I hope this helps

    • Jules22


      yes I have been on oral birth control for as long as I’ve had my cycle (almost 10years). I started very young because my periods were extremely heavy and painful. I feel like I didn’t start gaining weight until 3-4 years in when I went to college (probably unhealthy eating habits). Do you think it could still be related? I don’t know if I’d be able to go off because of how bad my periods were/are (I cycle every 3 months on it).

      • SadMom95


        so I believe it is a contributing factor, but not the main reason. Another thing is diet. Even cutting out pop and other sugary drinks. Everything in your body is connected. If you SLOWLY stop sugary foods and drinks that will help immensely. But don't EVER starve yourself. I have an eating disorder now because I started not eating during the day. My suggestion is to talk to your doctor about non hormonal birth control options.The hormones are what causes SO many problems.

  • Aimless


    I agree with sadmom95. I get bad flares every month during my luteal phase and my estrogen was high, so gyno put me on birth control. I tried to tolerate it for 7 months before quitting it a month ago. So far I've lost 8 lbs and my blood pressure is stabilizing quite a bit.

  • wise


    Did you start new medication for your fibro after you got a dx? The meds I was started on made me gain TONS of weight, which is very common in medications that are used to treat seizures

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