Any tips on how to adapt and be functional on ADHD meds? I keep forgetting to eat and falling into a slump after they’ve worn off



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  • MacAndCheese


    The lack of appetite and depression symptoms made ADHD meds really hard for me—I switched between meds for years before I finally settled on stratera. It’s usually recommended for people who struggle on the other ADHD meds. So my advice is to switch meds if it’s too much to deal with. If you can’t though, things like a set meal schedule and regular therapy can help the side effects.

  • PondWater


    i’ve made a list of “safe” foods that i know i’ll still be able to eat while on meds. i also have a list of things i need to do, divided into categories based on how long/how much energy they take. so you can still get things done when you’re in a slump, and the little boost from finishing the task will maybe help?

  • Flaymes


    Thanks guys! My meds have been wearing off around 4pm, so I emailed my psychiatrist about it. She prescribed a lower dose, faster release pill I can take when my original dosage wears off. Just picked it up from the pharmacy, wish me luck!!

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