My depression has cost me many job since 2012 and my mental health provider agreed that medicine is not helping me. I’m looking for people who can relate. If you can help me with advice I’ll accept it.


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  • Sherwood


    my MDD is treatment resistant too so i can relate to you on that. i’ve tried so many meds and just finished TMS but still barely functioning, so i feel you. i’m super proud of you for still going because i know it can be really disheartening at times. you’re definitely not alone

  • CharlesJenney


    ORMC and Aspire told my dad I need to file for disability and ssa said with baker act and on going treatment and letters from the psych doctors that I don’t fit the requirements for disability

  • Ariss


    I can relate, my depression has cost me my performance in school and other factors of my life. I’ve taken 3 different types of medications and none have worked for me. You should try different types of therapy and see if any of them help

  • Bipolar_Barbie


    I've been on and off different antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and various other medications since I was a child. Work is definitely my biggest challenge when it comes to my mental health. I've been off of prescription antidepressants for a couple years now. I take various supplements instead now along with exercise and last weekend I took a brain training seminar over zoom that I honestly think is really helping. I don't want to make broad sweeping recommendations because what worked fort me might not be the perfect fit for others, but if you have specific questions let me know!

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