What’s the easiest way to regroup during an anxiety attack?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Miaa


    One thing that has helped me so much. Is just realizing that it’s just anxiety. It’s not the end. After that calm. But doing breathing from my diaphragm really helps me to get collected and be okay. Just take deep breaths slowly, not form your chest. And remind yourself it’s okay. Doing something calming afterwards, whether it’s texting a loved one or playing a game on your phone to help you regain is key and has helped me a lot.

  • Jay216


    I love this app called finch, basically it’s a self care widget pet that you help grow and learn by doing journaling and mindfulness exercises. Based on how you track your mood it offers different prompts and exercises. You can also just pick whatever you feel will be the most helpful to you. I really love the breathing exercises and soundscapes to soothe. It also helps that the app is super cute and can be customized to your schedule

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