Do you find it hard to have your partner understand what is like to have a chronic illness? Or know how to support you?



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  • hyde


    Sometimes yes... even though they have their own chronic illnesses, its hard for them to understand mine because they don't live it. It's also hard for them to support when I cant vocalize well what I need. I completely understand

  • collective


    I'm still young, but I've been happily dating someone for going on 8 months now. I think what you really need to do for a relationship to work, is to make sure you know hoe to handle and help yourself, at least a bit. Make sure whoever you date knows that they're getting into a relationship with someone who may need a bit of extra support. Once you find that, I've found what you need to do, is teach them what helps and what doesn't. There's going to be bumps amd hiccups, mistakes, and there's probably going to be more than the average given the situation. Being patient, but firm on what you need and your boundaries, and allow them to have theirs. Hope I could be of some help, cheers

  • Perfectionist27


    In terms of anxiety and depression, I didnt start suffering till our second year of dating due to it running in my family and stress with college but was already diagnosed with depression before that and he seem to know that which i think was extremely helpful. Ive now been with my bf for over 6 years and i think he is doing his best and just by having him listen and be patient and try to understand or just give a little sympathy if needed is what helps. But its hard.

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