Have you tried getting off Setraline? If so, How?


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  • scorp


    I have a terrible time taking my meds so I recently went a month without taking anything. It was uhhhh fine I guess?? Idk I didn’t have much withdrawals from cutting it cold turkey.

  • t0b1_45


    I’m also very very bad at taking meds. So i went about 90 days without it. I was fine, honestly felt no change. But i do recommend consulting your doctor first! Never cut cold turkey like me, but just know it shouldn’t do any harm.

  • ryliem30


    i’ve tried getting off of it cold turkey and i honestly don’t reccomend it my withdrawals were horrible, it’s best to consult a doctor about weening off of it

  • Ivy_daley


    TW SELF HARM: I took too much of my meds one time and stop for about a week after. I relapsed and my mental health was so bad. End of the story, dont do what I did and dont cut cold turkey.

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