How do you cheer yourself up when feeling sadness?


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  • Saltybean


    When I am sad, I listen to music that makes me happy. It can help to talk to my s/o, but rarely. I also watch funny videos to distract myself.

  • JayBird


    Hmm, sometimes I go down a good rabbit hole on YouTube or get into a hobby I like, but each time it’s something different.

  • nikocada


    Youtube rabbit holes. Working out, sometimes helps. Talking about it is the most helpful

  • Foreverincon


    Try to watch some comedy shows or stand up comedians. Also I try to get out for a nice walk out in the woods

  • JJ_123


    I agree with Foreverincon, something funny always helps me. If I can manage to laugh, I can get my mind off it for a while. I have a dog so I try to play with him when I feel down bc it always makes me laugh

  • Quinee


    I go out running or practice yoga. I have learned over the years that once I stop the race of life and invest time in myself, I feel happier.

  • Kaya


    Music, smoke weed, play with my cats

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