Does any other autistic person find themselves angry for periods of time at people in your life for no real reason?

I love my friends and my family a lot, but sometimes there will be like a week where I can not stand being around anyone and the thought of hanging out or talking to them just angers (or frustrates) me and I don’t understand why because they have done nothing wrong and they are wonderful people… it makes me really sad because they are just trying to be nice but for some reason the attention just makes me mad :(


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  • MissWilwarin


    I find that if I’ve been spending too much time with them, I’ll begin to find them irritating.

    • Bunn3y


      yeah exactly!!!!

      • MissWilwarin


        I don’t think it’s even an autistic thing specifically. Although we’re probably more sensitive to it. I would suggest taking a break from those people when you start to feel yourself becoming irritated with them so you don’t end up being mad at them for a longer period of time. It might be helpful to try and figure out how much time is your limit.

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