Okay people: for those who have awful joint pain at night, have you found any ways to help soothe it so you can sleep?

I’m allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs, so all I can take is tylenol… it’s not cutting it. lol I’ve tried heat and my big pillow-sized ice packs. I also have one of those portable stimulation machines they use at physical therapy. Even then, I just have to ride it out.

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  • CGC


    I take gabapentin (it’s an rx, ask your doctor and don’t be discouraged about how loopy it makes you feel.. you get used to to it quickly I promise) and it helps the most but take it at the same time as Tylenol. If you have a bath at home and have the time, take as many epsom salt baths as possible! It’s the only thing that can get rid of my pain fully, but it comes back the second I stand back up (gravity is rude). I also think the days I drink more electrolytes my joint pain and nerve pain is a little better. Hope this helps. Good luck! 💕

    • abbeyc22


      I used to be on gabapentin for my pain and it worked so well! they took me off of it a while ago; i’ll probably ask about being put back on it. thank you for your tips!

  • Ink789


    I tend to use Cbd or Thc to sleep, its natural pain relief herb so it does wonders for my pain. But its a concept whether it helps and such but for me personally it has significantly

  • LeeannD


    Body pillow!

  • Pfeiffer


    I use gabapentin, I also wear braces - mostly the really tight compression sock / sleeve types at night on the joints that are hurting the most. That way I keep my joints in place and I don’t further injure them when I sleep. The neck pillows people use on planes I also find helpful.

  • toasties


    Could you use those “leg-squeezers?” I can’t remember the name right now, but they’re on Amazon and used for surgeries to help with blood flow. They feel heavenly!

  • wise


    an insane number of pillows and blankets is what helps me. also lots of space on the bed to give me room to lay however I feel comfortable, even if it doesn't look like my body should be able to do that

    • inspainwithoutthes


      Pregnancy pillows work great for this!!

      • wise


        YES I just wish they weren't so expensive lol

  • TrippyDangerousMe


    Hell fire bath with Epsom salt i just the natures village band because they have a ton of different kinds targets at joint,muscle and body aches. I do the bath and cbd.

  • Entropyluna


    I use support braces when I sleep for my wrists. The brand I use is Ace, and I use the medium support ones. They have a metal bar that runs over my palm and inner wrist to keep it stable, but it still allows movement

  • galpaltristen


    KT tape, lyrica, cannabis (THC/CBD/CBN) and heating pads

  • ninners


    I use cannabis, a muscle relaxant, and sometimes compression socks and gloves!

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